Application for Commissioning Academy

Established by the Cabinet Office in 2013, the Commissioning Academy is a development programme for those responsible for transforming service delivery in all parts of the public sector, including central government, local authorities, health bodies and justice organisations.  

It has been carefully tested with and by senior commissioners and is designed to equip participants with the tools to tackle the challenges facing public services and commission the right outcomes for their communities.

If you think that your organisation could benefit from the Academy we would be pleased to hear from you.

  • The information you provide on this form will be used to review your application and suitability for the Commissioning Academy and for course administration purposes.
  • Applications are welcomed from all sectors involved in public service transformation.
  • The fee for the programme is £2,000 + VAT per person.
How to Apply

Participants usually join the academy as part of a small group from each organisation with at least one person at director or assistant director level (local government), SCS1 or deputy director level (central government) or equivalent, accompanied by two to four colleagues. This will enable them to learn together and work as a team to apply their new thinking to their organisation’s commissioning practice. We will consider individual applications in exceptional cases.

Participants will be:

  • enthusiastic and committed to make the necessary step change in commissioning outcomes
  • keen to learn from experts and other participants
  • responsible for driving transformational and cultural changes across services
  • able to take back practical input to their own commissioning challenges, showcase their results and gain recognition for their organisation
  • willing to commit to attend five full days over about 6 months

Candidate organisations will go through the Academy programme as part of a mixed sector cohort of between 20 to 40 individuals. They will be:

  • at different stages along the road to good commissioning
  • able to demonstrate the commitment of at least one senior sponsor to making changes to commissioning practice in response to the Commissioning Academy
  • able to nominate a group of 2 - 4 individuals with the attributes necessary to participate
  • able to release those individuals to participate fully
  • able to describe the scale of their commissioning budget/spend, their current challenges and what they want to get out of the Academy

Successful applications should demonstrate:

  • a clear and compelling commissioning challenge - relating to achieving policy outcomes which might require innovative thinking about use of budgets and other resources, partnership working, influencing others, community solutions, complex problems, market engagement, and/or new forms of delivery
  • the context and why participating in the academy will contribute
  • how group participants will enable transformation
  • evidence of senior sponsor commitment
Application Forms

Sponsoring a candidate for the commissioning academy?  Please complete this form

Nominated to take part in the commissioning academy? Please complete this form

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