Digital Analytics Programme

Introducing the Digital Analytics programme

We're excited to announce the relaunch of the digital analytics programme - designed to help local authorities to understand:

  • the channels customers most use currently in accessing services and information
  • the costs of that contact by service and channel
  • how your contact strategy, demand levels and channel costs compare to your peers?

Greater knowledge and insight in these areas can help you set targets, actively manage demand and avoid the many of the risks in associated with transformation and thereby deliver better outcomes for citizens and communities.

The digital analytics programme comprises a peer-to-peer knowledge sharing network for local authorities centred on a suite of proven customer contact and cost data modelling tools.  We are seeking a minimum core set of 20 around 40 local authorities to join and form a network, which will operate on a crowd-funded, not-for-profit model. Organisations will be asked to contribute towards costs of data collection and will then benefit from shared data analysis, a peer network and a set of linked workshop events.

‘The analytics data sets are invaluable sources of information for forming a business case for change or prioritising a portfolio of transformation projects.  I firmly believe that a local authority should not be making decisions on investing in service transformation until they have this information to hand and have understood what it means for them.’

Gerald Power, Senior Consultant, RedQuadrant


If you would like to find out more, please let us know when would be a convenient time for a brief call.  Contact us here.

Our aim is to have a conversation with all prospective participants before they sign up in order to ensure they understand how the group will work and how to get the most from it.

One instant change is that we have used the data to make a case for changing some of our service KPIs that are out dated, but have been seen as ‘not to be touched’ by senior figures. The benchmarking data has helped make the case.

Andrew Fellowes, Sheffield City Council

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