• Reflections on Multi Systemic Therapy and the Social Impact Bond in Essex

    Essex County Council hosted an event to discuss Multi Systemic Therapy (MST) and its implementation in Essex via a Social Impact Bond. Representatives from a range of organisations attended, including Action for Children, the Office for Public Management, Social Finance, the Public Service Transformation Network and others. The event included presentations on the following four topics: Learning for the Future: Reflections on Multi Systemic Therapy and the Social Impact Bond in Essex Enabling implementati

  • Devolution in action: placing the user at the centre of service redesign

    Service reform is a key part of the devolution agenda embraced by local and central government, but it is critical that service users are involved in the process. Danny Slater and Kim Archer explain how one place is making this happen A great many of the devolution deals announced over the past 18 months have included a commitment to public service reform, including the West Midlands devo deal which includes a commitment from the Government to help the West Midlands Combined Authority “co-design and im

  • “People do not resist change per se. They resist loss”

    Gavin Jones, the new chief executive of Essex County Council, sets out the daunting challenge local authorities face - and the vital importance of leadership in tackling that challenge. I am the new chief executive of an organisation that needs to save £1 million a week. Every week. For the next four years. A daunting challenge? Maybe. But the real test is not whether we will save the money. We will. No, the real test is whether we will improve peoples’ lives, strengthen our communities, and create op

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