• Making public services more human

    Against the backdrop of a changing landscape in public service delivery, Chris Wright of Catch 22 discusses the role of alternative service delivery providers. If we are serious about transformation in public services, it is important to accept that we now exist within a new financial environment – not austerity but the new normal. Tightened budgets are here to stay. We can wring our hands or we can adapt and make good with the resources we have. Salami slicing our way through these cuts will never cre

  • Using crowd-funding to help young people in Essex

    Essex Fire and Rescue has taken an innovative approach to funding its Firebreak programme, through crowd-funding. By utilising a finance initiative like crowd-funding it was hoped that the Fire Service will be able to help more young people in Essex obtain the confidence and skills necessary to find fulfilling employment and education. The money generated was used to fund extra places on the Firebreak programme , a week long intensive programme with personal safety and wellbeing at its core, that gives d

  • Devolution in action: London employment support

    In a historic step towards joint working, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark have held the first meeting of the Better Placed Joint Committee on skills and employment. The Leaders of Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark councils met this month to agree next steps in the councils’ Better Placed project which helps people who are struggling to find employment get into sustainable jobs. The three councils’ Pathways to Employment programme has an intensive, people-focused approach. which is already proving succe

  • Helping communities take ownership of sports clubs

    Community ownership of sports clubs can help to provide a focus for community building, create new opportunities for volunteering and investment and save money, writes James Mathie and Adam Brown. Sports clubs come in many shapes and sizes. Some are multimillion pound businesses with state of the art stadia; others operate from reclaimed shipping containers and rely on a weekly raffle to get by. Whatever sport, and at whatever level, each of these clubs has the choice about what it stands for, and how it

  • A place-based approach to health and social care

    NLGN and Collaborate have come together to chart a new whole systems approach to health and social care integration. The jointly published report sets the scene for a major commission on Place-Based Health , which will recommend practical steps professionals can take to overcome organisational barriers and make a fundamental shift towards an integrated healthcare system that puts people at the heart of it. The report shifts the emphasis away from organisations toward places, working upwards, to generate

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