Flipping the narrative: Essays on transformation from the sector’s boldest voices

Free to download, the NPC think tank have published a series of 16 essays from innovative leaders in the social sector.

FlippingTheNarrativeContributors are thinking about, and putting into action, new ways of achieving social change for the causes and beneficiaries their organisations exist to serve.

This is third output from NPC’s #StateoftheSector programme.

Essays by: Alex Fox, Anni Rowland-Campbell, Charlie Leadbeater, Clare Thomas, Danny Kruger, Darren Murinas, Debbie Pippard, Javed Khan, Jill Halford & Neil Sherlock, Kevin Carey, Maff Potts & Charlie Howard, Mark Atkinson, Neil McInroy, Pat McArdle, Peter Kellner, Sue Bent.


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