Commissioning Academy: Five years on and thriving

Since 2012, 55 commissioning academies have hosted more than 1,400 participants drawn from local authorities, health, central government and many other organisations.

Participants report increased clarity about key principles of commissioning and note that their thinking has shifted in terms of what commissioning is and could be.  Organisations who have sponsored participants have also benefited by investing in their staff to develop a shared understanding of commissioning, supporting effective organisational development.

That the Commissioning Academy is still running after five years is testament to its success. As is the fact that it is now run without subsidy under the stewardship of the Public Service Transformation Academy, a social enterprise led by a public service consultancy, the Whitehall & Industry Group and 10 other partners.

In this article, Richard Field, writing on behalf of the Public Service Transformation Academy, reflects on the success of the Commissioning Academy so far.

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